List of Drugs by UNAPPROVED MEDICAL GAS Market Approval (Page: 3)

Below you will find an alphabetical list of the drug manufacturers/labelers with the drug approved in the UNAPPROVED MEDICAL GAS marketing category. Select the manufacturer/labeler and drug you would like to view. Once selected, you will proceed to the drug listing page, including additional details on the drug.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer / LabelerDrug Name
AlpinAire HealthcareOxygen
Alpine Home Medical EquipmentOxygen
Alternacare Home Health ServicesOXYGEN
Ambercare Medical Supply Co.Oxygen
Ameri-Quipt of North Carolina, IncOXYGEN
America’s Healthcare At Home, Inc.Oxygen
American Home Health Care, Inc.Oxygen
American Home Medical Equipment and Services, Inc.Oxygen
American Home Medical Equipment Co. LLCOxygen
American Home Medical ServicesOxygen
American Home Respiratory Care, Inc.Oxygen
American Homecare Specialists, Inc.Oxygen
American Medical Gas LLCOxygen
American Oxygen Company, IncOXYGEN
American Welding & GasNitrogen
American Welding & GasOxygen
AmMed, Inc.oxygen
Anaconda Oxygen ServiceOxygen
Analgesic Services Inc. dba ASI MedicalNITROGEN
Analgesic Services Inc. dba ASI MedicalOXYGEN
Andy-Oxy Co., Inc.Air
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size 400
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size B
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size C
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size D
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size E
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size F
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size H
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size M
Anesthesia Service, Inc.Oxygen Size T
Ann Arbor Welding Supply Co., Inc. DBA Arbor Specialty GasesOxygen
Apex of St. PetersOxygen
Apollo Services Inc.Oxygen
Apple Homecare Associates, Inc.Oxygen
Aretsia Medical SupplyOxygen
Argyle Welding Supply Co. Inc.NITROGEN
Argyle Welding Supply Co. Inc.NITROUS OXIDE
Arizona Respiratory & Medical Supply Services, Inc.Oxygen
Arkansas Home MedicalOXYGEN
Arroyo Medical Supply dba Zia Health CareOXYGEN
Aspirus Keweenaw Home Medical EquipmentOxygen
At Home MedicalOxygen
Atlanta Medical Gas LLCOxygen
Atlantic Medical Inc.Oxygen
Atlantic Welding SupplyOXYGEN
Atlas Welding Supply Co., Inc.OXYGEN
Austin Respiratory Equipment,incoxygen
Austin Respiratory Equipment,inc.oxygen
B & R Welder Repair Service, IncOxygen
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