List of Drugs by UNAPPROVED HOMEOPATHIC Market Approval (Page: 1)

Below you will find an alphabetical list of the drug manufacturers/labelers with the drug approved in the UNAPPROVED HOMEOPATHIC marketing category. Select the manufacturer/labeler and drug you would like to view. Once selected, you will proceed to the drug listing page, including additional details on the drug.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer / LabelerDrug Name
20Lighter Health & Wellness, LLC20 Lighter Fat Burner
20Lighter Health & Wellness, LLC20Lighter Crave Control
21st Century Designer Health ProductsAdvanced Formula
21st Century Designer Health ProductsHGH
21st Century Homeopathics1 Detoxification
21st Century Homeopathics10 PARASITE DETOX
21st Century Homeopathics3 Acute Stress
21st Century Homeopathics4 Detox-Virus
21st Century Homeopathics7 Heavy Metal Detox
21st Century Homeopathics, Inc2 Lymphatic Drainage
21st Century Homeopathics, Inc5 Chronic Stress
21st Century Homeopathics, Inc6 Environmental Detox
21st Century Homeopathics, Inc8 Fungal Yeast Infection
21st Century Homeopathics, IncCENTURY 21 ACUTE STRESS
21st Century Homeopathics, IncCENTURY 21 BACTERIAL DETOX
21st Century Homeopathics, IncCENTURY 21 DETOX-VIRUS
21st Century Homeopathics, IncCENTURY 21 FUNGAL YEAST INFECTION
21st Century Homeopathics, IncCENTURY 21 HEAVY METAL DETOX
21st Century Homeopathics, IncCENTURY 21 LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE
38 Biotech Laboratory LLCChitoprex
A Bit HippyA Bit Hippy
ABCO Laboratories, IncAller – Tox 11
ABCO Laboratories, IncAmoeba Tox
ABCO Laboratories, IncHZ – Tox
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Aller-Tox 1
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Bacteria Tox
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.BioCell Salts
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Chem – Tox
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.GlycoPan Tox
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Gyne – Tox
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.HCG Plus
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Immune Support System
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Lymph 1 Acute
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Oral hCG Activator
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Oral HCG Homeopathic
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Ultimate Fields
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.Ultimate Rescue
ABCO Labratories, Inc.Myco-Tox
ABCO Labratories, Inc.Pineal Code
ABCO Labratories, Inc.Pre and Post Milieu
ABCO Labratories, Inc.Rena Code
ABCO labratories, Inc.Throat Milieu
ABCO Labratories, Inc.Ultimate Phenolics
Active Release TechniquesNerve Pain Relief
Active Release TechniquesWound Healing
Active Release Techniques LLCPain Relief
Advanced Healthcare SolutionsNatural Fit
Advanced Men’s Institute LLCProlongz
Advanced Men’s Institute LLCTBX-Free
Adven Biotech Private Limitedd-acne
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