List of Drugs by TABLET, EXTENDED RELEASE Dosage Form (Page: 1)

Below you will find an alphabetical list of the drug manufacturers/labelers and their drugs using TABLET, EXTENDED RELEASE form of dosage delivery. Select the drug and manufacturer/labeler you would like to view. Once selected, you will proceed to the drug page, including details on the drug.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer / LabelerDrug Name
7-Eleven7 select mucus relief
A-S Medication SolutionsDiethylpropion Hydrochloride
A-S Medication Solutionsisosorbide mononitrate
A-S Medication SolutionsOrphenadrine Citrate
AbbVie Inc.Advicor
AbbVie Inc.Cardizem LA
AbbVie Inc.Depakote
Accord Healthcare, Inc.oxybutynin chloride
Actavis Elizabeth LLCGlipizide
Actavis Inc.Nifedipine
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Alprazolam
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Bupropion Hydrochloride
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Clonidine Hydrochloride
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Darifenacin
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Desvenlafaxine
Actavis Pharma, Inc.guanfacine
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Hydromorphone Hydrochloride
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Matzim LA
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Metformin Hydrochloride
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Oxymorphone hydrochloride
Actavis Pharma, Inc.Potassium Chloride
Ahold U.S.A., Inc,Mucus Relief DM
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCAlfuzosin Hydrochloride
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCAlprazolam
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCBupropion Hydrochloride
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCDiethylpropion HydrochlorideER
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCMetformin Hydrochloride
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCMetoprolol succinate
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCOrphenadrine Citrate
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCPENTOXIFYLLINE
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLCPotassium Chloride
Alaven Pharmaceutical LLCLevbid
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Inc.Lithium Carbonate
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Inc.Theophylline
Alembic Pharmaceuticals LimitedDesvenlafaxine
Alembic Pharmaceuticals LimitedTheophylline
ALVOGEN INC.Pyridostigmine Bromide
American Health PackagingCarbamazepine
American Health PackagingCarbidopa and Levodopa
American Health PackagingClonidine Hydrochloride
American Health PackagingFelodipine
American Health Packagingisosorbide mononitrate
American Health PackagingLithium Carbonate
American Health PackagingMetformin Hydrochloride
American Health PackagingMetoprolol succinate
American Health Packagingmorphine sulfate
American Health PackagingMucinex
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