List of Drugs by ORAL Route Type (Page: 192)

Below you will find an alphabetical list of the drug manufacturers/labelers and their drugs using ORAL route of delivery. Select the drug and manufacturer/labeler you would like to view. Once selected, you will proceed to the drug page, including details on the drug.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer / LabelerDrug Name
Energetix CorpHepatic-Tone
Energetix CorpHypothalmapath
Energetix CorpHZ-Chord
Energetix CorpInflamma-Tone
Energetix CorpIsopathic Phenolic Rings
Energetix CorpKidney-Tone
Energetix CorpLipo-Chord
Energetix CorpLymph Tone
Energetix CorpLymph-Tone
Energetix CorpLymph-Tone II
Energetix CorpLymph-Tone III
Energetix CorpMedi-Chord
Energetix CorpMetabopath
Energetix CorpMetal-Chord
Energetix CorpMycoCan-Chord
Energetix CorpNeuro-Chord
Energetix CorpPara-Chord
Energetix CorpReHydration
Energetix CorpRelax-Tone
Energetix CorpRelief-Tone
Energetix CorpRena-Chord
Energetix CorpRenapath
Energetix CorpRescue Calm
Energetix CorpSinus Tone
Energetix CorpSinus-Tone
Energetix CorpThroat-Spray Tone
Energetix CorpThyro-Chord
Energetix CorpThyropath
Energetix CorpTox-Chord
Energetix CorpVac-Chord
Energetix CorpViru-Chord
Energetix CorporationDrainage-Tone
Energetix CorporationThroat Spray- Tone
Energetix CorporationVac-Chord
Energique, IncFungustat
Energique, IncHypericum
Energique, IncHZ Neurapain
Energique, Inc.5-HTP Phenolic
Energique, Inc.Acetaldehyde Phenolic
Energique, Inc.Acetylcholine Chloride Phenolic
Energique, Inc.Acne
Energique, Inc.Acnetone
Energique, Inc.Aconite
Energique, Inc.ADD
Energique, Inc.Addastat
Energique, Inc.Adrenal Homeopathic
Energique, Inc.Adrenapar
Energique, Inc.Alcostat
Energique, Inc.Allergic Reaction Rescue
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